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Compost Ecology, Sunday March 3, 1:00-3:00

compostLearn the basics of compost ecology in this up close and personal expose on the FBI! We’ll investigate the inner working of your backyard compost heap to see how fungi, bacteria, and invertebrates (the FBI) work together to produce healthy soil. You’ll walk away with a new appreciation for decay and a better understanding of how to promote the healthiest and happiest compost communities in town.

This workshop will be taught by Matthew Kemshaw, the Urban Agriculture Coordinator for LifeCycles.  Matthew is an an environmental education student as well as an urban ag superstar and feels particularly passionate about creating giant compost piles.

Date:  Sunday March 3rd

Time:  1:00-3:00

Location:  The straw bale building at the Compost Ed Centre, 1216 North Park St

Cost:  $5 suggested donation

Click here to sign up for the workshop on our Eventbrite page.  Donations will be accepted the day of the workshop, but please make sure you reserve your space, as we can only cram so many folks into the straw bale building.


Soil Building workshop, Wed September 26th, 6-8 pm

Image by rcferdin, used under Creative Commons license

A productive garden starts with healthy soil.  Learn how to build your soil naturally (and cheaply!) to increase your food yields as well as the nutrition of the veggies you’re growing.

Topics covered will include:  an overview of organic soil building strategies, physical analysis (soil types and structures), organic matter, composting basics, soil nutrients and pH, sheet mulching (aka lasagna gardening) and green manures.  The wonderful Jill Dalton of Lifecycles will be teaching, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from her, you’ll know that her workshops are packed with information but also extremely fun and encouraging/empowering.   Don’t miss this event!

Email slugs.coordinator@gmail.com to register

Location:  The straw bale building at the Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St, Victoria, BC

Suggested donation:  $5-10 (no one turned away)

A Crash Course in Composting: Backyard Bins to Worms and Everything In Between, Saturday March 17th, 2-4 pm

ImageDo you live in an apartment and feel like you have no space to compost?  Have a composter in your back yard but never seem to see results from it?  Have good intentions about starting a compost pile but feel a bit daunted by the process?  This workshop is for you!

Spring is the perfect time of year to start thinking about composting:  as we start to get gardening on the brain, it’s a great time to start turning your food scraps into beautiful soil which you can then use to grow more food.  This workshop will cover a thorough overview of composting basics, give you a chance to ask questions and troubleshoot your existing compost system, and let you get some hands on work in as well.  We will all be working together to build a worm composting bin, and once you see how easy they are to put together, you will be inspired to build one for your own home.

Location:  The straw bale building at the Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St

Cost:  $5

Please email slugs.coordinator@gmail.com to reserve your space for the workshop.