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SLUGS Movie Night: The Real Dirt on Farmer John, Sat March 23rd at 7 pm. This event takes place at Camas Books, 2620 Quadra St.

581899_548573098507502_806288011_n“My ancestors have farmed this land generation after generation, and I just about ended the whole thing. What do you do when nothing is left? And in a rural community where you aren’t welcome because you’re kind of different.” —Farmer John Peterson
The Real Dirt on Farmer John examines the decline in family farms and the increasing industrialization of farming in the U.S. through the lens of one farmer’s experience. Equal parts powerful and quirky, this film chronicles Petersen’s fight to keep his family farm as well as his battle to find his place in a rural community where radical thinking and creative self expression are not always entirely welcome.

Location: Camas Books, 2620 Quadra St

Cost: by donation, with all profits going to Camas Books