Big changes for SLUGS

Dear friends,

After four years of fantastic workshops and some wonderful community experiences, we are both excited and a little sad to announce that SLUGS will be going through a major change in autumn 2013. As a result of funding changes, altering attendance, and renewed focus on reaching our target demographic, the program will be shifting to become a series of high-school workshops, scheduled throughout the year for specific participating classes.

We feel so lucky to have met amazing people, learned so much, and been able to facilitate such excellent knowledge-sharing. We are very excited to continue these experiences in a new incarnation, but we will miss the folks who have been involved with SLUGS for the past four years. The good news is that there are a wide variety of other programs and workshops run through the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre, many of which are very similar to SLUGS workshops. Hopefully we will see your familiar faces at these events in the future! There are more details available on our website, at

If you are a teacher or high-school student interested in becoming part of the upcoming school-year of workshops, please contact us at

Thanks for all of your support, and hopefully we will see you all soon!


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