DIY Beauty Products Workshop, Sunday Oct 21st, 1-3 pm

As the busy growing season ends, it can be nice to take some much needed time out for self care and relaxation.   However, it’s also nice to be able to avoid emptying your wallet and supporting nasty companies in order to pretty up your face.  In this workshop, community herbalist Ali Jopp will be teaching us about making our own skin care products.  Participants will be making and taking home a face wash/face mask, face cream, as well as learning/sharing other tips and tricks to keep our skin healthy, on the cheap and at home! We’ll also spend some time going over different ‘face maps’ which show correlations between our internal organs and our faces, solving the mystery of why sometimes we get zits on our chins and other times on our foreheads!

Location:  the straw bale building at the Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St, Victoria, BC

Suggested donation:  $15-20 sliding scale.  This is a higher suggested donation than usual due to higher materials costs, but  as per our usual policy, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Please email to register, as this workshop has limited space!


2 responses to “DIY Beauty Products Workshop, Sunday Oct 21st, 1-3 pm

  1. Hi, will this class run again in the near future. If so I would be really interested.

    • We won’t be running this workshop again this year, but it will be a definite possibility for the 2013 SLUGS season. If you’d like to subscribe to our mailing list or follow this blog, you will be sure to get all the updates and workshop announcements. Thanks!

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