Hello everyone! My name is Devon and I will be working with SLUGS for the next few months as part of my last class at UVIC. I have been doing the social media for the past week or so on Facebook, but this is my first blog post. I am lucky to be part of a new course called Working in the Community that is attempting to change the education paradigm in Universities. It offers an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, with three instructors from different faculties that offer a range of perspectives. The class emphasizes learning through experience and requires the students to take on a project with a non-profit organization of their choice. This worked out perfect for me because I was planning on volunteering with SLUGS anyways! I am really excited about taking some of the social media responsibilities away from Clare as she has a new baby that needs all the love and attention she can give. I will be doing daily posts on Facebook and Twitter as well as a weekly post on the SLUGS blog. If anyone would like to see any posts about something that they are particularly interested in, let me know. I would love to hear about what is important to the SLUGS community. Feel free to treat this blog as a type of forum where we can talk and collaborate creatively!



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