Bagel Workshop! Thursday August 9th, 7-9 pm at the Fernwood Community Centre

Image by dorywithserifs, used under Creative Commons license

Have you ever pondered the mystery that is the hearty and wholesome goodness of the bagel? Heard rumours about the steps to bagel making including boiling, baking, and otherwise complicated and nearly impossible steps to bagelsome conclusions? Do not fear, do not even worry, because making bagels is fun, and pretty easy too! Join us for a hands-on foray into bagel-town, a workshop where we will cut, form, boil, and bake our bagels on site.

Karen, our instructor for this workshop, is a professional baker as well as a DIY bagel enthusiast.  She has lots of experience and knowledge to share, and is an awesome lady to learn from!

Remember to BYOSpreadables!

Suggested donation:  $10

Location:  The multipurpose room at the Fernwood Community Centre.  The FCC is just around the corner from the Compost Education Centre, at 1240 Gladstone St.  To reach the multipurpose room, head in the front doors and turn left.

** Please email to register for this event! **


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