Seasonal Recipe Round-up: Radish Rampage Edition

I was thinking that I must be ridiculously behind on the gardening front since I’m still getting lots of radishes and not a ton of other produce from my garden, but my informal survey of pals tells me that due to the cold, wet spring, we’re all pretty much in the same boat.  As such, the theme of this month’s recipe round-up is a radish extravaganza.  As good as they are to eat straight out of the garden or sliced in salads, it can be good to switch it up once in awhile.  Hope you get a chance to try some of these recipes and that you dig them!

Quick Pickled Radishes:  Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars doesn’t really seem to be able to write a non-compelling recipe.  As such, this quick radish pickle looks great.  She suggests this recipe as a great way to deal with a glut of extra produce (it’s so easy to make that it would be easy to scale up), and notes that the recipe is a bit of a blank slate and is great to customize with whatever seasonings suit your fancy.

Zero-Waste Radish Green Pesto:  I’ve never really sorted out a good use for radish greens, so I was stoked to find this pesto recipe from The Cultivated Life.  The recipe itself looks delicious (Meyer lemon peel and pistachio = maximum tastiness), but I think you could also veganize it or sub radish greens into a favourite pesto recipe of yours if you’d like to switch it up.

Radish Butter:  Described as her “most favorite radish recipe ever” by the author at Grow It Can It Cook It, this radish butter recipe looks kind of totally amazing.  For one thing, you can use even your more ugly cracked, split radishes for it; for another, it is pretty much as easy as mixing it all together, and finally, c’mon, it’s a bunch of butter — you can’t go wrong.

Baked Radish Chips:  If kale chips are getting a little old and you’re trying to avoid cozying up with a bag of potato chips too often, these radish chips from Simple Comfort Food look like a great option.  They get bold colour and flavour from turmeric and curry powder, but you could likely tweak those seasonings to good effect, if you were so inclined.

Spicy Radish Relish:  This radish relish recipe from Milkweed Diaries would be mega fast if you had a food processor, but a good meditative process with just a hand grater as well.  The author says it makes a potent relish that can be used as a topping or palate cleanser, but she also suggests it as a great healing tonic for the winter months when your immune system is feeling less than peppy.

Radish Salsa:  This Mark Bittman recipe was a total essential for me the year I was farming.  We were essentially drowning in radishes all through the spring and I rapidly exhausted my existing repertoire for radish recipes.  This salsa is easy to make as well as shockingly delicious.  Give it a try!


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