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Urban Alchemy: Barren Boulevards to Food Forests, Thurs Sept 8, 6-8 pm

Rainey Hopewell and Margot Johnson, the birth mothers of the Haultain Common will give an inspiring tour of their boulevard and backyard gardens.  They will speak about all aspects of the process of transforming dead urban space to thriving community food sources, from dealing with city regulations to nursing barren soil back to life.  They will also talk about the food forest model of permaculture, and how to build a food forest of your own by making use of natural systems and vertical space to make the most out of your garden.

Boulevard gardening is a fantastic project for urban dwellers who want to build community, nourish their whole neighbourhood, and make the most food in the least space.  Don’t miss the chance to learn how it’s done!

Location:  the Haultain Common, the corner of Haultain  & Asquith, Victoria, BC

Suggested donation:  $5

Please email to let me know if you plan to attend.


Canning 101: Zucchini Dill Pickles, Tuesday August 30th, 6-8 pm

Ever wonder what to do with those humungous zucchinis that end up growing in your garden by the end of the summer? Here’s a delicious alternative to zucchini bread: Zucchini dill pickles! With a crisp texture and zesty flavour, these pickles outshine many typical cucumber types… And they are so easy to make! In this workshop, we’ll combine local zucchinis, garlic, and dill to make great pickles, preserved in glass jars for future enjoyment. We’ll also cover the basics of modern hot-water bath canning techniques, equipment, safety issues, and resources for the home canner. Each participant will take home a small jar of pickles and the recipe.

Location:  the straw bale building at the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St, Victoria, BC

Cost:  $8

*** Space is limited, so please email to register ***

Urban Permaculture: Portable and Small Space Solutions, Saturday August 27th, 2-4 pm

Fascinated by permaculture, but wondering how you can possibly implement all those great ideas in an apartment that changes every 8 months?  Drooling over other people’s giant backyard food gardens, and wishing you could grow more food on your balcony or windowsill?  Wondering what this permaculture thing is anyway?  Then this workshop is for you!

For so many of us young people who are passionate about living sustainably in the city and growing our own food, it can sometimes feel impossible to implement it all in our transient lives and small, temporary living spaces.  This workshop will tackle this conundrum as we work together to discover ways to implement permacultural principles and grow food in the small, and ever changing spaces of our lives.

We will be doing some hands on work with container gardening and sprouting to get you started, and all participants will leave with a planted container that will grow food as well as a jar of seeds that will grow yummy sprouts.

Cost:  $5

Location:  the straw bale building at the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre, 1216 North Park St

Please email to register.

Haultain Common Tour & Work Party: Mon Aug 8, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Where:  Haultain Common (Haultain & Asquith St)

The industrious boulevard gardeners of Haultain Common could use some help harvesting their garlic and planting a new crop to replace it. This is a great chance to get a tour of this urban food forest in reclaimed space and learn a bit about garlic while you’re at it!

If you haven’t checked out the Common before, it is, in the words of its founders, a “neighbourhood-supported public food garden on public land, where all may harvest.” Folks in the neighbourhood have reclaimed unused boulevard space and put it to use producing food for anyone who needs it. It’s a fantastic and inspiring project: don’t miss out on a chance to check it out!

Please let me know at if you’re planning to attend!