Earth Repair 101: Transforming Toxic Landscapes to Thriving Foodscapes. Wed June 15, 6-8 pm

From contaminated and abandoned urban lots to oil spills, how do we take toxic sites and transform them into thriving and fertile places that can feed our communities and sustain life again? How can we respond to environmental disasters in radical, accessible, community empowering and direct ways?

In this workshop, we’ll explore some visionary and practical tools for earth repair that restore and regenerate damaged ecosystems. Leila Darwish will teach us about bioremediation on micro and macro scales, from cleaning up oil spills to healing soil in our own backyards and communities. This workshop is great for city dwellers looking to heal our urban areas and expand the scope of our gardening.

Suggested donation $5

Location: Compost Ed Centre Straw Bale Building, 1216 N Park, Victoria, BC

Please email to register


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